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The word ovule refers to the structure that contains the female reproductive cells of a plant. However, there are other words that can be used as synonyms for ovule. One of these is the term megasporangium, which also refers to the structure that houses the female gamete. Another possible synonym is the word nucellus, which is the innermost part of the ovule that contains the female gamete. A third alternative is the term ovum, which is another word for the female reproductive cell itself. Other words that can be used as synonyms for ovule include seed and egg. All of these terms refer to the female reproductive structures of plants and animals.

How to use "Ovule" in context?

1. ovule is the most important reproductive organ for a plant.

2. It is the female reproductive organ of a flowering plant.

3. It is the reproductive cell that becomes a seed.

4. Ovules are typically small, with a pointed tip and bulging middle.

5. They are white, yellow, or red, and have a creamy interior.

6. Ovules are usually transferred by wind, rain, or irrigation water to the plant's flowers where they will be fertilized and then developed into seeds.

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      ovum, Ova.

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