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The word "oyster" refers to a bivalve mollusk commonly found in marine environments. There are numerous synonyms for the word "oyster," including "mussel," "clam," "scallop," and "cockle." Each of these synonyms refers to different types of bivalve mollusks that are similar in shape and size to oysters. In addition, the terms "pearl," "nacre," and "mother of pearl" are often used to describe the shiny, iridescent interior of oyster shells. These terms are often synonymous with high-quality jewelry and decorative objects, as the unique beauty and luster of these materials are highly prized in many cultures.

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Oysters are a type of mollusk in the family Ostariidae. There are many different types of oysters, but the two most common in the United States are the eastern oyster and the Pacific oyster. Eastern oysters are more common, but the Pacific oyster is more tasty.

Oysters are essentially filter-feeders. They suck up water and food stuffs through their mantle (shell), which filters out particles bigger than about 0.35 mm. This water and food mixture is then pumped over the gills, where the oyster absorbs the water and filters out the food.

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