What is another word for P2P?

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[ pˈiː tˈuː pˈiː], [ pˈiː tˈuː pˈiː], [ p_ˈiː t_ˈuː p_ˈiː]

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    How to use "P2P" in context?

    Peer-to-peer networks are computer networks in which each node is directly connected to only a few other nodes. Each node in a peer-to-peer network is also responsible for maintaining its own list ofnodes that belong to the network. The network is typically managed by a central server. Peers typically communicate with one another by polling, which allows the central server to minimize its traffic.

    Peer-to-peer networks have many uses, the most famous of which is the file sharing phenomenon. The first peer-to-peer network was the Napster network, which was initially used for sharing music files.

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