What is another word for packet boat?

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Packet boats were an essential means of transportation in the pre-railroad era. They were small, fast and affordable boats that were used to carry mail, freight, and passengers. Packet boats have since evolved into other forms of transportation, but the term still exists today. Synonyms for packet boat include riverboat, steamboat, and ferry. Riverboats were commonly used on inland waterways of the United States, typically powered by steam engines. Steamboats were an important mode of transportation during the industrial revolution. Ferries are still in use today, transporting both passengers and vehicles across waterways. Regardless of what you call them, these boats were important parts of transportation history.

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    How to use "Packet boat" in context?

    When people think of packet boats, they usually think of boats that travel up and down rivers. But packet boats can also travel ocean-wide.

    Packet boats were first invented in the 18th century by British sailors. At the time, most ships sailed over the ocean, but there was a lot of danger and it was expensive to send goods all the way across the ocean.

    So the British sailors came up with the idea of packets. These were small boats that could travel anywhere in the world, and they could do it cheaply and easily.

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