What is another word for padlocks?

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When it comes to securing your valuable possessions, padlocks are a go-to option. However, sometimes we need to mix up our vocabulary and incorporate synonyms for "padlocks". One such option is "combination locks" - a locking mechanism that uses a series of numbers or symbols to unlock. Another word to use is "shackles" - the U-shaped part of the lock that secures it to the object. "Deadbolts" are also a type of lock, often used on doors, that can be operated with a key or thumb turn. "Hasps" are another option, used to secure doors or lids with a plate that is secured with a padlock. Overall, there are many options for synonyms of padlocks, each with their own unique features and benefits.

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    How to use "Padlocks" in context?

    Padlocks are a commonly used lock which consists of two parts, a locking mechanism and a key. The locking mechanism is used to secure the key in place, while the key is used to unlock the lock.

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