What is another word for paleontology?

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[ p_ˌeɪ_l_iː__əʊ_n_t_ˈɒ_l_ə_dʒ_ɪ], [ pˌe͡ɪliːə͡ʊntˈɒləd͡ʒɪ], [ pˌe‍ɪliːə‍ʊntˈɒləd‍ʒɪ]

Synonyms for Paleontology:

archaeology (noun) eastern poison oak (noun) paleontology (noun) eastern poison oak Other synonyms:

Related words for Paleontology:

  • geological feature.

Rhymes for Paleontology:

  1. zoology, geomorphology, geology, neurology, pharmacology, terminology, physiology, egyptology, gynecology, ideology, genealogy, gerontology, morphology, etiology, ecology, penology, ethnology, theology, meteorology, urology, otology, methodology, psychology, radiology, pathology;
  2. astrology, chronology, biology, apology;
  3. archeology, archaeology, anthropology;
  4. biotechnology;

Quotes for Paleontology:

  1. The impact of the magazine was very strong. As I said, it portrayed dinosaurs as part of the geological history, part of the story of life on earth. It struck that paleontology was the career for me. Robert T. Bakker.
  2. Darwin( 1859) recognized the fact that paleontology then seemed to provide evidence against rather for evolution in general or the gradual origin of taxonomic categories in particular. George G. Simpson.

Adjectives for Paleontology:

  • now rusty,
  • definitely bad,
  • linguistic,
  • theoretical,
  • ruthless,
  • rusty,
  • scientific,
  • bad,
  • modern,
  • statistical,
  • fossil,
  • british,
  • present,
  • nineteenth-century,
  • entire,
  • vertebrate.