What is another word for palette?

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A palette is a tool used by artists to hold and mix paints. However, there are other synonyms for this word that may be less familiar to some. For example, color chart or color wheel are terms used to describe a visual representation of the colors available. Another synonym is scheme, which refers to a coordinated set of colors chosen for a specific purpose. A swatch is a small sample or patch of color used to show a range of shades within a color family. Finally, the word spectrum can be used to describe the full range of colors visible to the human eye.

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    How to use "Palette" in context?

    When you're starting to use a new color palette, it's important to approach it in a contemplative way. Take your time, and consider each element of the palette before adding new colors.

    Start by considering the three main themes of your piece: foreground, middle, and background. What colors will support each one? Next, think about your overall color scheme. How will the colors work together? Lastly, think about the specific colors you want to use. Once you have a good idea of what you want, you can start to choose specific colors.

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