What is another word for palfrey?

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[ pˈalfɹɪ], [ pˈalfɹɪ], [ p_ˈa_l_f_ɹ_ɪ]

Palfrey, a horse that is of gentle and easy disposition, is a word that is not commonly used in modern-day language. In ancient times, it was a popular term used for a specifically bred horse that was used for leisurely riding and as a mode of transportation for noblewomen. Synonyms for palfrey include mare, mount, steed, charger, and riding horse. These terms are interchangeable and can be used in place of each other when referring to a horse that is suitable for leisure riding or for those who prefer a comfortable ride over speed and agility. So the next time you're describing a horse that's comfortable to ride, use one of these synonyms to replace palfrey.

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    How to use "Palfrey" in context?

    The palfrey is a horse that has been selectively bred over many centuries for riding and racing. It has a sleek, muscular body and a long neck, which gives it a graceful appearance when mounted. It is a fast horse, and is known for its stamina and speed.

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