What is another word for pancreatic juice?

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[ pˌankɹiːˈe͡ɪtɪk d͡ʒˈuːs], [ pˌankɹiːˈe‍ɪtɪk d‍ʒˈuːs], [ p_ˌa_n_k_ɹ_iː__ˈeɪ_t_ɪ_k dʒ_ˈuː_s]

Synonyms for Pancreatic juice:

How to use "Pancreatic juice" in context?

Pancreatic juice is a colored, clear and at times, bitter fluid that is secreted from the pancreas. Depending on its concentration, pancreatic juice can be used for a variety of medical purposes. Pancreatic juice is most commonly used to treat types of cancer, such as pancreatic cancer, but it can also be used to treat conditions such as diabetes and pancreatitis.

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