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[ pˈandɛsə͡l], [ pˈandɛsə‍l], [ p_ˈa_n_d_ɛ_s_əl]

Pandesal is a type of bread that is commonly consumed in the Philippines. There are different ways to refer to this popular bread. Some people refer to it as "pan de sal" or "pan de sal bread," while others call it "filipino bread" or "manila bread." Another term that is sometimes used as a substitute for pandesal is "morning bread." This sweet and fluffy bread is a staple breakfast food in the Philippines and is often paired with coffee or hot chocolate. Pandesal is a beloved part of Filipino cuisine, and no matter what it's called, it remains a delicious and iconic part of the country's food culture.

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    Pandesal is a type of bread that is made with flour, salt, and yeast. It is soft and slightly doughy. It is often eaten with various toppings such as honey, jam, or cheese.

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