What is another word for pandionidae?

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[ pˈandɪˌɒnɪdˌiː], [ pˈandɪˌɒnɪdˌiː], [ p_ˈa_n_d_ɪ__ˌɒ_n_ɪ_d_ˌiː]

Pandionidae is a scientific word that refers to a family of birds of prey that includes the osprey. If you are searching for synonyms for this word, you could use "osprey family" or "sea hawk family" as alternatives. Other more specific synonyms could include "Pandion haliaetus" which is the scientific name for the osprey, or "fish hawk" which refers to the bird's hunting habits. Overall, the search for synonyms can help to expand your vocabulary and understanding of different words and terms in the scientific community.

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    Pandionidae is a family of Old World vultures. These birds are often called "eagles". The twelve species in the family are found on every continent except Antarctica. These vultures are the largest of the Old World vultures. The family is divided into two subfamilies, the Old World vultures and the New World vultures.

    The Old World vultures are found in Africa, Madagascar, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The New World vultures are found in North and South America.

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