What is another word for Pangenesis?

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Pangenesis is a scientific term used to describe the hypothesis that all body cells contribute to the development of offspring. However, there are several synonyms for this word that can be used interchangeably depending on the context. Some of the synonyms include: 1. Lamarckianism - This refers to the theory that characteristics acquired by an individual during their lifetime can be inherited by their offspring. 2. Gemmulation- This refers to the formation of a bud or a specialized reproductive cell, which can detach and develop into a new organism. 3. Darwinism- This refers to the theory of evolution through natural selection proposed by Charles Darwin. 4. Epigenesis- This refers to the theory that an organism develops from a single cell, and that the development process is influenced by the interactions between genes and the environment. Overall, these synonyms can be used to describe different aspects of the process of inheritance and evolution in biology.

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    Pangenesis is a theory of heredity where genetic material is not distributed uniformly throughout the body but is localized in specific locations. The theory was first proposed by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in Lamarck's Theory of Evolution. Pangenesis is a successor to the theory of spontaneous generation, which held that life could arise from non-living matter. Pangenesis is now considered a minority theory of heredity.

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