What is another word for paragon?

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Paragon can mean a model of excellence, a perfect embodiment of a trait or quality. Synonyms for paragon can be: epitome, paradigm, quintessence, archetype, model, exemplar, standard, ideal, perfection, primo, classic, jewel, masterpiece, gem, and pearl. These words all describe something or someone that is considered to be the best in its class or category. A paragon can be used to describe a person, place, or thing, and it can be a complementary or critical term. The choice of synonym depends on the context and the focus of the comparison. Nonetheless, all of these words convey a sense of exceptionalism, distinction, and admiration for something that sets the bar high.

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    How to use "Paragon" in context?

    First and foremost, a paragon is a role model or ideal of excellence, morality, or behavior. These ideals may be embodied in a person, an organization, or a design. A paragon is someone who stands out from the rest, someone who is superior in some way.

    In terms of software development, a paragon is a reference or model for how to behave in the codebase or community. A paragon is a driving force behind Improved software engineering, Increased product quality and Rapid innovation.

    A paragon is someone to look up to, someone who you aspired to be like.

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