What is another word for partiality?

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Partiality is a term that refers to the tendency to have a preference for one thing over another or to show favoritism towards a certain group or individual. When trying to express this concept in different words, we can use synonyms such as bias, prejudice, discrimination, favoritism, partisanship, or unfairness. All of these words carry a similar meaning of showing a preference or inclination towards one side or another, which can result in unequal treatment or unfair judgement. It is important to be aware of our own tendencies towards partiality and strive for objectivity and fairness in our decisions and interactions with others.

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How to use "Partiality" in context?

Coming from a place of love, care and neutrality, impartiality is the foundation of our ethics. It is the principle whereby people deal impartially with all individuals and groups, without favoritism or prejudice.

Nevertheless, we are all human and are therefore susceptible to partiality. This is the preferential and sometimes subconscious treatment of some individuals, groups or things over others, without admitting to or understanding it. In times of stress, for instance, we may be more prone to favoring individuals or groups who are similar to us in terms of background, interests, or ideology. Our judgments may also be clouded by personal attachments and biases.

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