What is another word for peaceably?

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Peaceably is an adverb that refers to doing something calmly, quietly and without causing violence or disturbance. Synonyms of the term include harmoniously, serenely, tranquilly, amicably, pacifically, placidly, gently, non-violently, softly, and calmly. These words suggest a state of being peaceful, cooperative, and friendly in behavior and actions. For example, in a political context, to settle disputes in a peaceable manner is to maintain peace and avoid worsening a situation. Overall, synonymic to "peaceably" refer to behaving in a peaceful and non-threatening way, which promotes harmony and goodwill.

How to use "Peaceably" in context?

There is no one right way to live one's life, which is what makes the pursuit of peace so special. At its heart, peace is a state of being where all individuals are respected, no matter their beliefs or opinions. To achieve peace, we must all work towards mutual understanding and acceptance. Here are five tips for pursuing peace in your life:

1. Be open to change. If you're opposed to change, you'll be more resistant to it. As long as you're willing to listen and learn, change can be a positive force in your life.

2. Communicate effectively.

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