What is another word for peeved?

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The word "peeved" is a common expression used to describe annoyance or displeasure. However, there are many different synonyms for this word that can add depth to your vocabulary when expressing similar emotions. One such synonym is "irritated," which has a similar meaning and can be used interchangeably. "Aggravated" is another synonym that carries a slightly stronger connotation of frustration. Other synonyms for "peeved" include "perturbed," "bothered," "irked," and "vexed." Each of these words can be used in place of "peeved" to add variety to your language and make your communication more engaging.

Synonyms for Peeved:

How to use "Peeved" in context?

The word "peeved" is defined as "displeased and irritated" and "annoyed." It can also be used to describe somebody who is feeling spiteful or angry. In some cases, people might use the word to describe how they feel when they are not being treated fairly or when they encounter someone who is acting hostile or irritating. When someone is peeved, they may feel like they need to react in a rather explosive way.

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