What is another word for pelican?

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The word "pelican" conjures up images of large seabirds with distinctive pouches beneath their bills. But there are actually many synonyms that can be used to describe this fascinating creature. For example, the word "cormorant" is often used to refer to birds that are similar in appearance to pelicans, but lack the distinctive pouch. Other synonyms for pelican might include "heron", "stork", or "ibis". Additionally, there are many local names for pelicans that are used in different regions around the world, such as "shoebill" in Africa or "frigatebird" in Central and South America. No matter what you call them, however, there's no denying that pelicans are some of the most fascinating birds in the world.

How to use "Pelican" in context?

The pelican is a large, long-necked bird with a wingspan up to three metres. It is found in the coastal regions of both North and South America. Pelicans are scavengers, feeding mainly on small aquatic vertebrates, but also on carrion. They tend to be solitary birds, except in the mating season, when they congregate in large colonies. The Pelican is a prominent figure in American folklore, often associated with sacrifice or tragedy.

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