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Penance refers to a voluntary act of suffering or self-punishment to show remorse for wrongdoing. There are several synonyms for this word. One of the most commonly used synonyms is 'penitence,' which refers to the state of being penitent or remorseful. 'Expiation' is another synonym that means making amends or paying for one's wrongdoings. 'Atonement, 'reparation,' and 'contrition' are other synonyms that indicate a sense of remorse or regret. Additionally, 'self-mortification,' 'self-flagellation,' and 'self-punishment' also refer to the voluntary act of suffering as a form of penance. Overall, these synonyms reflect the desire to make amends for past mistakes and seek redemption.

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What is penance?

Penance is a religious practice that involves reconciling with God through humbly acknowledging one's wrongs and performing some form of penance. In Christianity, the three principal forms of penance are confession, Absolution, and sacrament.

Confession is the most common form of penance. It involves telling one's sins to a priest or spiritual leader. Absolution is the forgiveness of sins. A priest or spiritual leader can give absolution if someone has confessed their sins and has asked for forgiveness.

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