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Penguin is a very unique word and there aren't many synonyms that come to mind. However, there are some related words that are associated with penguins. For instance, there's the word "flightless," which refers to birds that cannot fly, just like penguins. Other words such as aquatic, tuxedoed, black and white, and waddling can be associated with penguins as well. There are some other species of birds resembling penguins, such as the puffin, which can be called a type of penguin. Despite all these associations, the word "penguin" remains a distinctive and iconic word representing one of the most beloved creatures on the planet.

How to use "Penguin" in context?

The penguin is a flightless bird which breeds in the southern hemisphere. The penguin's body is slightly flattened so that it may swim more easily under water. The wings are small and the legs and feet are adapted for swimming. Penguins live in coastal and subantarctic regions throughout the southern oceans. They feed largely on fish, but will also feed on other small creatures. Penguins breed on colonies of around 1600 to 3200 pairs, hatching between February and August. Chicks fledge between August and November, and are able to swim and dive immediately. Penguins are able to fly short distances when necessary, but are not very good at it.

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