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Penitentiaries are facilities where convicted criminals are confined as punishment for their crimes. There are several synonyms for this term, each with its own connotation and level of severity. Prisons, correctional facilities, and jails are among the most common synonyms for penitentiaries. They all refer to places where criminals are kept in custody, isolated from the rest of society. Detention centers, reformatories, and lockups are also synonyms for penitentiaries that imply a focus on rehabilitation and education for inmates. However, no matter what term is used, the purpose of penitentiaries remains the same: to ensure that criminals are held accountable for their actions and kept away from the general public to promote safety and security.

How to use "Penitentiaries" in context?

Penitentiaries are correctional institutions in which individuals who have been convicted of a crime are incarcerated. The term typically refers to prisons and jails, but can also refer to adolescent correction facilities. They are typically operated by the government, but some are operated by private organizations. Penitentiaries are often considered to be among the most secure forms of detention.

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