What is another word for percolation?

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Percolation is the process in which liquids filter through porous materials. It is often used to describe the movement of water through soil, coffee through a filter, or even ideas through a conversation. There are several synonyms for percolation, each with its specific use and connotation. For example, seepage and filtration refer to the gradual movement of liquids through small openings, while diffusion suggests the spreading out of particles to create a uniform concentration. Permeation, on the other hand, describes the ability of a substance to penetrate and pass through other materials. Whatever the context, the synonyms for percolation help describe the movement and flow of substances through different materials and environments.

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Percolation is the physical and chemical process of diffusion of water, oil or other liquid substances through solid materials. Percolation is often used to describe thealing of fluids through porous solid media.

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