What is another word for perplexed?

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Perplexed is a word commonly used to describe feelings of confusion, bewilderment, or uncertainty. However, there are several other synonyms that can be used to express similar emotions. These include words such as baffled, puzzled, mystified, uncertain, bewildered, disoriented, unsure, and confounded. While all these words may have slightly different shades of meaning, they all convey a sense of perplexity or confusion. Reflecting on the different nuances of these words can help writers to choose the most appropriate term for their particular context, and can also enrich their writing by adding variety and interest to their use of language.

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How to use "Perplexed" in context?

It's baffling how many people seem perplexed when asked about their thoughts on climate change. It's not as though the vast majority of people are indifferent to the issue and have no ideas about what they could do to help, it's just that many people seem stubbornly resistant to believe that anything is actually wrong. Instead, they insist that the climate is always changing just naturally, and that anything we humans do to disrupt that process is inconsequential.

But is this really the case? The evidence seems to suggest otherwise, and it's high time that more people started to pay attention.

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