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The word "petition" can be synonymous to various other words. It could be referred to as a request, appeal, plea, supplication, entreaty, solicitation, or petitionary of sorts. A petition is generally an official document where people can give their support, express their disapproval, request action on an issue, or seek justice. Synonyms for petition such as appeal, plea, supplication, or entreaty, suggest the urgent need for action or help. A petition could be made to a government authority or individual to pressure them into taking action or changing a decision. Whether a petition is used in politics, law, or social movements, it remains a powerful tool for change in society.

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How to use "Petition" in context?

A petition is a formal request for a change in law or policy. Petitions are usually launched by citizens or groups who want the government to take some kind of action, such as pass a law, investigate a scandal, or address a problem.

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