What is another word for petulantly?

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[ pˈɛtjʊləntli], [ pˈɛtjʊləntli], [ p_ˈɛ_t_j_ʊ_l_ə_n_t_l_i]

"Petulantly" is an adverb that describes a person's behavior, indicating a display of annoyance or irritation in response to a situation. There are several synonyms for this term which include ungraciously, irritably, testily, peevishly, in a sulky manner, crankily, fretfully, snappily, and brusquely. If someone is acting petulantly, they are likely to be complaining, whining, or arguing with little patience or tolerance. A petulant attitude is often indicative of a lack of maturity or emotional regulation. Therefore, it is important to use these synonyms wisely, in a way that conveys an accurate portrayal of a person's behavior without being unnecessarily harsh or critical.

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    How to use "Petulantly" in context?

    When you're petulant, you're acting like a child who is not getting their own way. You may be rude, hostile, and impatient. You may blame others for your troubles and have a hard time taking responsibility for your actions. You may also be egocentric, thinking only of yourself. When you're petulant, it's easy to take things out on people around you.

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