What is another word for photocopy?

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The term "photocopy" is commonly known as a reproduction of a printed or written document. Some of the popular synonyms that can be used interchangeably with the word "photocopy" are xerox, carbon copy, facsimile, duplicate, printout, replica, and copy. Xerox is often used as a verb, meaning to reproduce a document through a photocopying machine. Similarly, carbon copy and facsimile refer to the process of creating a replica of a document, particularly through fax machines. Duplicate and replica refer to the exact reproduction of an original document, and printout is a term used to describe a physical print version of the document. Overall, these synonyms can be used depending on the context and purpose of the desired document reproduction.

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    When photocopying a document, the quality of the photocopy is determined by the quality of the original document. In order to produce a high quality photocopy, it is important to use high quality equipment and paper.

    The photocopier must be set for the appropriate size and type of paper. The quality of the copied document will also be affected by the type of photocopy machine, quality of cartridges, and quality of light.

    If your photocopy is to be used for professional purposes such as court appearances, it is important that the photocopy is of a high quality.

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