What is another word for physic?

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[ fˈɪzɪk], [ fˈɪzɪk], [ f_ˈɪ_z_ɪ_k]

Synonyms for Physic:

How to use "Physic" in context?

In English, the word physics refers to the branch of science dealing with the physical world. This includes the principles of motion, energy, and theynamics of molecules and atoms. Physics plays a critical role in the design of computers, the understanding of human metabolism and physical laws that govern the Universe.

In addition to its practical applications, physics investigates the fundamental structures and rules that govern the universe. This knowledge is essential for understanding the origins and evolution of our universe, and for understanding the forces that govern our everyday lives.

Physics is a complex and challenging field, and it's constantly advancing as new discoveries are made.

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