What is another word for pick off?

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[ pˈɪk ˈɒf], [ pˈɪk ˈɒf], [ p_ˈɪ_k ˈɒ_f]

Synonyms for Pick off:

How to use "Pick off" in context?

When it comes to sports, there is an old adage that goes, "you hit them where they ain't." And that is especially true in baseball. When a hitter is looking to hit a ball over the fielders, a good strategy is to try and hit the ball off of the pitcher's arm, or off the front of the plate.

This is known as "picking off" the pitcher. The opposing team's defense is then put into a tough situation because they may have to try and double up the hitter on the bases, or they may have to retreat to their infield to prevent other runners from scoring.

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