What is another word for piece of writing?

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When it comes to written documents, there are a multitude of different ways to describe them besides "piece of writing." Some possible synonyms include "composition," which is often used to describe more formal or artistic works, and "script," which can refer to plays, movies, or other performance-based writing. "Manuscript" is another common term, often used when referring to a handwritten or typed work that has not yet been published. Other possible synonyms might include "text," "article," "essay," "report," "memo," or "novel." Each term may carry slightly different connotations or be more appropriate in different contexts, so it's important to consider the specific tone and purpose of the document when choosing the right synonym.

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    How to use "Piece of writing" in context?

    A "piece of writing" is an individualized, formal piece of writing. Pieces of writing are typically created for specific purposes, such as an essay, report, or thesis. Pieces of writing often follow a specific format, such asIntroduction, Body, Conclusion.

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