What is another word for placental?

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Placental refers to the mammalian reproductive system where the fetus is nourished by a placenta. Some synonyms for placental are mammalian, uterine, fetal, and embryonic. Mammalian refers to any animal of the class Mammalia, which includes placental mammals, marsupials, and monotremes. Uterine refers to the uterus, the female reproductive organ. Fetal is related to the fetus, the unborn offspring of a mammal, while embryonic refers to the early stage of development of an organism, in which it is an embryo. All of these synonyms highlight the importance of the placenta in the reproductive process of mammals.

How to use "Placental" in context?

The placenta is the organ that connects a human mother and her unborn child. It provides nutrition and oxygen to the baby while enabling the mother to take in nutrients and store energy. The placenta is also the site of Fetal Cell Research.

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