What is another word for plod?

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Plodding is a familiar word in English, with a meaning that refers to slow, laborious progress, but it isn't always the best word for the job. Fortunately, the English language has a wealth of synonyms that can help you communicate the idea of steady, plodding progress without relying on the same word all the time. If you need an alternative to plodding, consider using words like trudge, slog, lumber, tramp, shuffle, or even inch. Each of these words carries its own specific connotations and nuances, so choosing the right synonym can help you convey exactly the message you want to send.

Synonyms for Plod:

How to use "Plod" in context?

Plod is a British term meaning 'to walk slowly'. It is most commonly used in reference to people who are working orCarrying out an activity.

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