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The word "plug" has multiple synonyms that can be used depending on the context in which it is being used. Here are some of its synonyms: 1. Socket: A small opening where an electric device can be plugged in for power supply. 2. Stopper: A device that is used to plug an opening or a hole to prevent the flow of liquid or gas. 3. Insert: An object used to fill a gap or a hole, like a nail or screw. 4. Connection: A plug is used to make connections between devices, hence a connection can be used as a synonym. 5. Blockage: A plug often refers to something that blocks a passage, channel, or pipe. In summary, there are various synonyms for "plug", and the choice of which word to use depends on the intended meaning in the context of its use.

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A plug is a connector on an electric outlet, into which a wire is inserted. Plugs on electronics use a standardized shape and size, which makes them easy to find and connect.

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