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Poaceae is a botanical family of plants commonly known as grasses. Grasses are herbaceous plants, with fibrous or rhizomatous roots, and round, hollow stems. They are widely distributed around the world, thriving in various climates and habitats, from deserts to forests to wetlands. Some synonyms for Poaceae include Gramineae, Saccharum, and Bambuseae. Gramineae is a synonym used by some taxonomists, while Saccharum is used to refer to Poaceae species that are commonly used for their sweet juices, such as sugarcane. Bambuseae refers specifically to the giant bamboo subfamily of Poaceae, which are known for their tall and sturdy stems.

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    The Poaceae are the most diverse and widespread order of vascular plants. They are characterized by the presence of stems, alternate leaves and flowers. Approximately 2800 species of Poaceae are known, making them the third most diverse order of plants, after the Orchidaceae and Magnoliophyta. The majority of these species are found in warm climates, but a few occur in cold environments as well. Poaceae are often dominant in disturbed areas, occurring on both successional and disturbed soils. The order is thought to have evolved from a common ancestor that lived in the Cretaceous period.

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