What is another word for poisonous?

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The word 'poisonous' refers to substances or materials that can cause harm or death to a living organism. Alternative synonyms for 'poisonous' include toxic, venomous, deadly, lethal, noxious, harmful, and hazardous. These words all express a dangerous characteristic, indicating that something is harmful to health or life. Other words with similar connotations include malignant, virulent, and pernicious. These terms often describe substances that can cause severe or permanent damage over an extended period. It is essential to know the various synonyms for 'poisonous' to describe things that can cause harm or to understand the different degrees of potential harm.

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    There is nothing inherently menacing or poisonous about certain substances. In fact, many are edible and enjoyed by people around the world. In some cases, even common substances can be dangerous if ingested in large quantities or if they are contaminated. Below is a list of ten common things that can be poisonous.

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