What is another word for politically?

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Politically is an adverb derived from the word politics. The term describes activities, processes, policies, or events related to government affairs and the governing establishment. However, there are several other synonyms for politically, which could help to enhance your writing or speech. Some of these synonyms include politically correct, politically affiliated, politically sensitive, politically motivated, politically certain, politically aware, politically charged, and politically expedient. All these synonyms can be used to express different tones, connotations, or meanings to fit the particular context or audience. Therefore, it is essential to understand their nuances so that you can choose the most appropriate synonym for your expression.

How to use "Politically" in context?

The word "politically" means relating to the government or politics. It can refer to either the ancient Greek concept of polis, or the modern usage of politics. In either case, politics is the process of making decisions about the way society is run.

Politics is a very complex subject, and there are a lot of different aspects to it. It can involve the interactions between different groups of people, as well as the decisions that are made. It can also be very offensive, and there can be a lot of tension between different groups.

Politicians can often be very controversial.

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