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Polls are often used to gather opinions and data from various sources, but there are several synonyms for the word "poll" that can infuse more variety and clarity to your communication. Some of the synonyms for poll include survey, questionnaire, inquiry, ballot, vote, and census. Each term carries a slightly different nuance, such as a survey being used to evaluate or measure, while a ballot indicates a formal voting process. An inquiry typically refers to a more comprehensive investigation, and a census is typically used to obtain data from larger groups or populations. By incorporating these synonyms into your communication, you can better convey the purpose and method behind your data collection efforts.

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How to use "Poll" in context?

A poll is a survey of public opinion, typically carried out in order to measure the opinions of a population on some subject. In some contexts, it may also be called a survey questionnaire. A poll can be conducted by a single organization, or by a number of organizations.

A poll may be anonymous or non-anonymous. Where anonymous polling is used, the responder's identity may be disguised, or the response could be weighted so as to give a more accurately representative sample.

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  • POHL, pole, poehl.

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