What is another word for poohbah?

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[ pˈuːhbə], [ pˈuːhbə], [ p_ˈuː_h_b_ə]

The word poohbah is relatively uncommon in everyday usage, so synonyms may not come as immediately to mind as with more familiar terms. Depending on the context, synonyms could include words such as bigwig, grandee, magnate, or high muckamuck. These words convey a sense of authority, prestige, or power that may be associated with the role of the poohbah, whether it is a formal or informal position. Other phrases that could be used as synonyms for poohbah could include head honcho, top dog, or main man. Regardless of the specific word used, the implication is of someone who holds a high rank or is seen as a leader in their field.

How to use "Poohbah" in context?

The word "poohbah" is derived from the rhyming slang term "bob$, which is short for "boob$h." People who use this word generally mean someone who is pompous, self-important, or over-the-top. It's typically used as an insult, and often refers to someone who is in over his or her head. In one example, a person wrote, "Jordan is such a poohbah, he can't even dress himself." This use of the word is likely derived from the character Pooh from the Winnie the Pooh books.

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