What is another word for pool hall?

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[ pˈuːl hˈɔːl], [ pˈuːl hˈɔːl], [ p_ˈuː_l h_ˈɔː_l]

If you're looking for alternate terms for a place to play billiards, there are many different words you can use to describe a "pool hall." Some people might call it a billiards club or a billiards room, while others might refer to it as a game room, a barcade, or an arcade. In some parts of the world, a pool hall might be called a snooker parlor or a cue sports lounge. Other synonyms for pool hall might include a billiards joint, a cue sports venue, or a billiards hall. Whatever term you choose, these places are popular destinations for people who love to shoot pool and hang out with friends.

How to use "Pool hall" in context?

A pool hall, often simply referred to as a hall or pool room, is a public establishment where balls and other objects are used in a game of pool. The hall typically has a pool table or tables, along with one or more pockets and cues, with space for spectators.

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