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The word "pope" has several synonyms which are commonly used to refer to the Head of the Catholic Church. Some of the most common synonyms include pontiff, Holy Father, Bishop of Rome and Vicar of Christ. Other synonyms include Supreme Pontiff, High Priest, and Successor of St. Peter. The term "pope" comes from the Latin "papa" which means father. The Pope is considered to be the spiritual and moral leader of the Catholic Church and is revered by millions of faithful all over the world. While there are other religious leaders in the world, the Pope holds a special place in the hearts of many Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

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Pope Francis has set the tone for his papacy by underscoring the importance of human rights. In his first major address, the Pope said that we need to end the "invisible violence" of discrimination, poverty and exclusion. He called on everyone, especially government leaders, to take an "integral and inclusive" approach to immigrants and refugees.

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