What is another word for portmanteau word?

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[ pˈɔːtmantˌə͡ʊ wˈɜːd], [ pˈɔːtmantˌə‍ʊ wˈɜːd], [ p_ˈɔː_t_m_a_n_t_ˌəʊ w_ˈɜː_d]

A portmanteau word is a blending of two or more words to create a new term that represents a combination of their meanings. It is also known as a blend or a linguistic hybrid. Synonyms for this term include "compound word," "mashup," "neologism," and "syllabic abbreviation." A compound word is formed when two separate words are combined, while a mashup refers to a combination of two or more different elements to create something new. A neologism is a newly coined word that has entered popular usage, while syllabic abbreviation refers to a combination of syllables from different words to create a new word. These terms are often used interchangeably to describe words that are created by combining two or more existing words.

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How to use "Portmanteau word" in context?

Portmanteau words are a type of word blend. They are created when two or more words are mashed together to form a new word. They are often used to make words that mean different things, but have the same sound.

One example of a portmanteau word is kitten. Kitten is a combination of the words kitten and cat. Another example is buster. Buster is a combination of the words bar andbuster.

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