What is another word for posit?

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[ pˈɒsɪt], [ pˈɒsɪt], [ p_ˈɒ_s_ɪ_t]

Posit is a word that is commonly used to indicate the assumption or proposal of a principle or belief. Synonyms for posit can be used to offer a variety of ways of expressing a position or idea. Some common synonyms for posit include assert, postulate, advance, propose, suggest, submit, and contend. Assert is used to confidently state a belief or idea. Postulate is used to propose a theory or idea based on evidence and reasoning. Advance is used to propose a new idea or theory that may be different from what is currently accepted. Propose is used to formally suggest a course of action or idea. Suggest is used to offer an idea or opinion for consideration. Submit is used to offer a proposal for review. Contend is used to argue a position or opinion in a debate or discussion. Overall, synonyms for posit offer a range of ways to express and propose ideas, beliefs, and positions.

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