What is another word for possession?

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When it comes to describing items that belong to someone, there are a variety of words that can be used instead of "possession". One option is "ownership," which implies a legal right to something. "Belongings" is another synonym that suggests personal possessions or items that are important to someone. "Property" and "assets" are additional terms that can be used to refer to things that belong to someone, while "holdings" specifically relates to valuable possessions or investments. "Goods" and "chattels" are synonyms that may be more commonly used in legal contexts, while "stuff" or "things" are more casual alternatives.

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How to use "Possession" in context?

"possession," in law, is the right of an individual over something, as opposed to "title." This right may be acquired by either legal or illegal means. A person who owns something can use that thing in any way they see fit, while a person who possesses something is limited in what they can do with it. For example, a person who owns a car may not be able to drive it while intoxicated, while a person who possesses the car may drive it any way they please.

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