What is another word for possible action?

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[ pˈɒsəbə͡l ˈakʃən], [ pˈɒsəbə‍l ˈakʃən], [ p_ˈɒ_s_ə_b_əl ˈa_k_ʃ_ə_n]

Possible action is a term that refers to the various options or steps that can be taken in order to achieve a certain goal or objective. Synonyms for possible action include potential course of action, viable alternative, feasible solution, workable plan, practical approach, and feasible strategy. These synonyms all suggest that there are different paths one can take to achieve their desired outcome, and that it is important to identify and evaluate these options before taking action. By considering different possible actions, individuals are able to make more informed and effective decisions that can lead to greater success and accomplishment of their goals.

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    Once upon a time, there was a story about two people who loved each other very much. They cared about each other deeply, loved spending time together and were always there for one another when needed. However, one day the relationship ended because one of the people couldn't handle the other's mood swings anymore. The relationship was incredibly tough for both of them, but they decided to soldier on. Given that this is a possibility action story, what could have been done to help the two avoid breaking up in the first place?

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