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Postal code, also referred to as zip code, is a series of letters and/or numbers used by postal services to identify particular regions for efficient mail delivery. Synonyms for the term postal code include postcode, ZIP, PIN code, and postal district. Some countries may use different terms, such as Australia's postcode system, Canada's postal code, or Germany's PLZ (Postleitzahl) system. However, they serve the same fundamental goal of streamlining the sorting and delivery of mail. The use of a postal code reduces the chances of delivery errors and helps ensure timely and efficient postal services. Regardless of the terminology, the ultimate objective remains the same - to accurately identify the recipient's address and deliver their mail.

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Postal codes were established in 1877 in the United States. The idea was to provide a universal numbering system for addresses so they could be easily sorted and shipped. The first postal code was issued in Omaha, Nebraska. Today, postal codes are used all over the world.

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