What is another word for postal service?

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The term "postal service" is commonly used to describe a system for delivering mail and parcels. However, there are many synonyms that can be used to refer to this service, depending on the region and context. Some common synonyms include "mail delivery", "postal delivery", "mail service", "postal system", "post office", and "mail carrier". These terms are used to refer to the organizations, people, and infrastructure that make up the postal service in various countries. By using synonyms, writers and speakers can vary their language and express themselves in more precise and nuanced ways.

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How to use "Postal service" in context?

The postal service provides letters, packages, and other types of mail to individuals and businesses within the United States and to international destinations. Founded by George Washington in 1775, the Postal Service has evolved to become an essential part of the global economy and communication system. It provides universal service to every community in the nation, enabling Americans to send and receive mail anywhere in the country and world.

Today, the Postal Service employs more than 700,000 workers, who are responsible for delivering more than 220 billion pieces of mail each year. Operating costs, including salaries, benefits, depreciation, and other operating expenses, amount to more than $65 billion annually.

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