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Powdery refers to a soft and fine texture that can easily be reduced to powder form. Alternative synonyms to powdery include dusty, floury, mealy, sandy, crushed, gritty, granular, pulverized, powdered, and friable. Dusty refers to a dry and powdery surface that can cause dust, while floury refers specifically to the texture of flour. Mealy describes a powdery consistency that feels similar to the texture of a cooked or overripe fruit. Sandy denotes a granular texture similar to sand, while crushed means something has been broken down into small pieces. Gritty is a descriptor for a surface that has small rough particles, while granular refers to a material which is made up of many small grains. Pulverized is an adjective that describes something that has been ground into fine powder, and powdered refers specifically to a substance that has been processed into powder.

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How to use "Powdery" in context?

Powdery is a descriptor often used to describe materials that have a...distinctive and somewhat sandy texture. This texture is often associated with materials such as flour, talc, and officially dust. Though the term powdery typically refers to small particles, it can also be used to describe larger particles.

The texture of powders can be attributed to a variety of factors, but the most common is the presence of sand and other small particles. When these particles are mixed together, they create a textured surface that is difficult to smooth out.

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