What is another word for power structure?

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There are various synonyms for the term "power structure," which refers to the organization or system that determines and manages power distribution in a society or organization. Some common synonyms include "hierarchy," "dominance system," "social order," "pecking order," "pyramid structure," "stratification," and "chain of command." These terms give a clearer picture of how power operates within a particular group or institution. For instance, "hierarchy" connotes a vertical arrangement of power, with those at the top having more authority than those below. On the other hand, "pecking order" implies a more informal and arbitrary power distribution, with members establishing their positions through competition or dominance.

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    How to use "Power structure" in context?

    Power structure is the term used to describe the different positions of power and authority in any given organization. It can also be used to describe the way different groups are treated in society. The power structure in an organization can be broken down into four main categories: Top Management, Supervisors, Employees, and Suppliers.

    The Top Management category includes the CEO, president, or equivalent, and their direct reports. Top Management sets the direction and goals of the organization and has the power to make decisions that affect all employees.

    Supervisors are the people who are in charge of an employee's work area.

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