What is another word for pre-sage?

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Pre-sage is a verb meaning to foretell or predict. The word originates from the Latin word praesagium. Several synonyms for pre-sage include foretell, prophesy, forecast, presage, forewarn, augur, portend, and foreshadow. Foretell carries the connotation of making an accurate prediction while prophesy is used in a religious context. Forecast is often associated with predicting future trends or events in business or economics. Presage is a formal synonym that refers to a bad omen or warning sign. Forewarn and portend both imply giving advance notice of something negative. Augur can be used both positively and negatively to predict the outcome of a situation. Foreshadow suggests an indirect or subtle indication of what is to come.

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Pre-sage is a programming language that originated in the 1990s. Developed at Bell Labs, pre-sage is a functional programming language with a thread-safe garbage collector.

Pre-sage provides constructs that allow efficient implementation of algorithms on multiprocessor machines. The language also features efficient lexical scoping and a rich command-line interface.

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