What is another word for predicament?

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When you experience a difficult situation or a puzzle that is hard to solve, you might find yourself in a predicament. However, there are many synonyms for predicament, which provide you with some alternatives to refer to such a state. Some of the synonyms for predicament include a quandary, a fix, a dilemma, a tight spot, an impasse, a crisis, an obstacle, a difficulty, a hurdle, a challenge, or a conundrum. Whatever word you choose, it highlights the tough circumstances that require careful thought and resolution. To overcome such a problem, it's important to assess all possible options and choose the best course of action strategically.

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How to use "Predicament" in context?

Predicament is an unpleasant, difficult, or even impossible situation which one can find oneself in. In some cases, the predicament may involve an actual physical predicament, while in others it may be a psychological or emotional one. A predicament can be the result of a bad situation, or it can be the result of one's own actions.

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