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Prescriptive refers to a directive, instruction, or set of rules that must be followed. Some synonyms for prescriptive include authoritarian, dictatorial, imperative, mandatory, and obligatory. These words convey a sense of strictness and the need to adhere to specific guidelines. Other synonyms for prescriptive include dogmatic, doctrinaire, and overbearing, which imply a sense of inflexibility or rigidity. On the other hand, words like instructive, informative, and guiding are synonyms for prescriptive that suggest a more helpful or educational tone. Regardless of the particular word choice, all synonyms for prescriptive signal the need for clear and precise instructions.

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How to use "Prescriptive" in context?

vs "descriptive" language

prescriptive language is used to give advice, usually on how to write or speak correctly. It is often used in conjunction with astyle guide. Descriptive language is used to describe things, often in an objective manner.

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