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The word "pretence" can be used to describe an act or a manner that is not genuine. Its synonyms include "pretense," "make-believe," "imitation," "deception," "disguise," and "feigning." Other words that can be used in its place are "dissimulation," "simulation," "put-on," "facade," and "show." The word "pretence" is often used in literature and drama to describe a character's outward behavior or appearance that belies their true thoughts or feelings. Whether it is for the sake of politeness, diplomacy, or concealment, individuals use pretence to mask their true intentions. Regardless of the reason for the pretence, it is important to recognize its use and distinguish it from genuine behavior.

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How to use "Pretence" in context?

Pretence is the use of devices or strategies to overcome a genuine impairment. Pretence may take on different forms, but all involve the use of some form of deception in order to escape social or personal awkwardness. Pretence can be used to feign disinterest in a conversation, to disguise emotions, or to suppress personal information. Some individuals may use pretence as a form of protection, by pretending to be someone they are not in order to avoid embarrassment or negative attention. Pretence can have a positive impact by helping people to feel more comfortable in their own skin and to learn new skills.

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